Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Quickwrite- Worst Meal

The worst meal would smell like a skunk. The smell would be so rotten it makes you smell it on your breath for weeks. The taste of it is bitter. It tastes chalky. It's so thick and there's no liquidy part to the meal. The lingering odor is always around you.

Quickwrite- Eden

My imaginary Eden is a place with medium hills. There are a lot of colour ful flowers everywhere. The housings will look like logs from the outside, on the inside there will be classical furniture in all the rooms. Everyone wears different things because they are all unique and don't fall into social standards. Concerts everyday. Transportation around the Eden  is walking or scooters. The climate is warm like an average summer day with a light wind. No religion followed there because they think and believe theirselves and the others around them.different types of food places on ever corner, with affordable prices.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Skype Reflection

The thing that went well is showing them the pictures with what we were saying. It made it more interactive with them. It looked like they really enjoyed seeing the pictures along with what we were saying. Even though the pictures had a little glare because of the screens it still looked like they enjoyed it. The value in collaborating via Skype is that it is unique and funny. We get learn about the things they are learbing in other places. When I was in grade 2 we didn't learn what they are learning. We can see how different things are in different places and we are using a new technology as well.

Personal Post

I have a passion for music festivals and I found this article.  It is about multiple music festivals that happen,  there is one every month.  My goal is to spend a year travelling and going to these festivals.  I hope I successfully accomplish this goal because it would be amazing, and such a life long memory of being a kid.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Mid Semester Reflection

(1) Six word memoirs- B
I think I did well on finding pictures that had a lot of meaning to me.  I had a lot of pictures because I take a lot of pictures for looking back on.  Trying to figure out what to write on the pictures was simple as well.  The issue I had was trying to shorten it to 6 words with proper grammar.  It took a long time for me to figure out how to make it sound like it made sense.  I could get it down to 5, or 7, but 6 was a challenge.  Since we are always taught to write a lot for things, and be descriptive it was difficult to be descriptive but short.  I feel like I could have edited the pictures more, but I did not want it to over power the pictures and words. I learnt that I should practice suming things up, and maybe practice my editing skills.

(2) IGNITE presentation- B
I think finding the pictures was the easiest thing I had to do for this project.  I thought that doing a presentation for 5 minutes would be a challenge but once I figured out what to say it wa simple.  The hard part was figuring out a topic.  I wanted to do a different topic but I could not find any pictures that would work for it.  I spent most of the project trying to figure out a topic and what pictures to do with it.  The other challenging thing about the project was presenting infront of the class.  I am the worst at public speaking!  But, it was easier presenting this project than a different one because it was a topic I chose myself.  I learnt about myself that I am still afraid of public speaking.  I also learnt that when it comes to chosing a topic it is difficult since it is usually the teacher telling us what to do.

(3) Blogging- B
I always post my assignments on my blog when they are supposed to be on them.  My blog got deleted, along with all the assignments I had done.  I did post personal additions on my old blog.  Since I just started this blog I have not posted any yet.  I did not post personal additions regularly because I usually forgot about posting them.  I posted more at the being of the semester than the end.  I have not visited any classmates blogs or left any comments yet.

(4) Connecting & Engaging- C
I feel like I do participate in classroom discussions on the blogs.  Whenever we were told to comment on a certian post I did, and in a timely manner. When we are on Skype with the other class I participate in the sound effects from books.  I do not think I will ever volunteer to read because I will probably get to nervous and mess up.  I think I attend class well.  Not as much as I should, but more than some others in the classroom.

(5) Goals
1. To comment and visit other peoples blogs regularly
2. To attend class on a regular basis.
3. To add more personal additions to my blog, and to remake my blog so it looks presenting.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Procedural Writing: How To Safely Cross The Street

Step 1: First, you approach the crosswalk.

Step 2: Second, you look left to see if any cars are coming.

Step 3: Next, you look to the right to see if any cars are coming.

Step 4: Fourth, you press the crosswalk button.

Step 5: Fifth, wait until all cars coming have stopped.

Step 6: Walk across the street.